Due to the merger of G&C Mutual Bank and Quay Credit Union, our bank account details have changed. The surviving bank is G&C Mutual Bank. Our new details are:
Account name: Jalandoni Money Changer Pty Ltd; BSB 659000; Account no. 300038747. Please change your records immediately. 29/9/2017

Welcome to Jalandoni and Company!

For overseas workers, working abroad means securing the lives of family members and loved ones back home. Most of the time, the money they earn is for putting food on the table, sending children to school, and keeping a roof above their family’s head. So despite the distance and the pain from being away from one’s hometown and loved ones, overseas workers continue to persevere with the hope of uplifting their families’ lives back home.

Money is hard to come by these days and it is even harder for people working abroad. They long for their loved ones but they have to put it aside to earn the money they need. The only comfort they have is knowing that their families’ needs are taken cared of.

With Jalandoni and Company, your peace of mind is our priority. We know how important it is for your hard-earned money to reach your loved ones safely. That’s why for every money transaction, we always deliver with a personal touch. When it comes to Money Transfer Service, Jalandoni and Company is your right hand – uniting families with every money transfer transaction.

Why Choose Jalandoni & Company?

  • Jalandoni and Company is one of the most trusted money transfer businesses that cater to the Filipino Community in Australia and all around the world.
  • We can make sure your money will reach its destination.
  • Your money will be treated with so much value.
  • We give you great and personalized service.
  • Our transactions are safe and worry-free.
  • Rates are dependable and reasonable.

*Salamat is a Filipino expression of gratitude which literally means “thank you”.

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