Here are the frequently asked questions by our valued customers.

How do I send money to the Philippines?

  With Jalandoni and Company, you can send money to the Philippines in a number of ways. If you’re in Australia,  you have four options: Bank Deposit, Internet Transfer, Direct Payment and PayWay.

I am a new customer. What are your requirements before I can send money through your company?

Visit our Services Page Australia for the complete list of required documents.


What services do you offer?

Jalandoni and Company offers premium quality Money Transfer Service. We primarily cater to the Filipino Community in the US and Australia. But, we can also help send your money anywhere else in the world. Sending Money through our company is easy, fast and worry-free. Learn more About Jalandoni and Company..

How long it will take for the beneficiary to receive the money?

The turn-around time varies depending on your money’s destination, mode of payment, and the time your order was received and paid.

If the beneciary does not have a bank account in the Philippines, is there a way for the money to reach him?

Visit our Services Page


How much is the fee?

Visit our Handling Fees page.


What is the minimu/maximum amount that can be sent?

There is no minimum or maximum amount limit with Jalandoni and Company. As long as you fulfill all necessary requirements, you’re free to send any amount of money.

Is it possible to send money from the Philippines to Australia?

Yes. As long as you meet the necessary requirements of Jalandoni and Company in the Philippines, you can send money to Australia. Visit our Services Page for the complete list of documentation requirements you’ll need.

If we miss the cut off time for same day processing, is there an alternative way of getting the money to the Philippines the same day?

Yes. Through special arrangement with PNB, BPI, BDO, MLhuillier, Metrobank and Landbank , the beneficiary in the Philippines can still receive the money even though the sender missed the cut off time for same day processing.

Is the price posted on the Jalandoni webpage and the telephone voice recorder every morning, good for the whole day?

The price is good for the whole day but only for amount below A$ 10,000. For amount A$ 10,000 and above, please ask the Jalandoni trader for the current price. The market may have moved adversely during the day which would prevent us from dealing at the posted price.